Colorado Premises Liability Attorney

premise_liabilityA premise liability case is a case where a person is injured on the land or property of another. In Denver & Aurora, premise liability cases are governed by Colorado’s Premise Liability Act. Under the Premise Liability Act the duty of the landowner varies depending on the status of the person on the land.

Landowners owe the highest duty of care to invitees, or, persons who are invited onto the land by the landowner as a member of the public or persons who are invited onto the land for the purpose of business dealings with the landowner. In those instances the law requires that the landowner protect persons against dangers which the landowner either knows or should know about.

Injuries in slip & fall cases can be very serious. We represent clients with injuries ranging from traumatic brain injuries, to broken bones that require surgical repair, to severe back and neck injuries.

Most properties are regulated by building and safety codes that require landowners and/or property managers to meet certain safety standards. Often, property owners fail to comply with these codes. In serious injury cases our firm will often retain architects to examine the property for code and safety violations and other hazards.

Sometimes slip and fall cases are not easy to settle. Many people wrongfully assume they have a case just because they get hurt on someone’s property. This is not true. To prove a premises liability case in Court, the plaintiff has the burden of proving that his injuries were caused by a condition on the property was not reasonably safe, and that the landowner had notice of the unsafe condition on his or her property. The notice can be actual (they actually knew of the dangerous condition and failed to act) or the notice can be constructive (the landowner should have known of the dangerous condition).

If you or someone you love has been hurt on someone else’s Colorado property, it is important to contact an experienced Denver premise liability attorney to help you. You do not have to face your injury and the insurance companies alone.

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