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wrongful_death When another’s wrongful conduct results in the death of a spouse, parent or child, then the law permits a civil action to be brought by the family. Most frequently, wrongful death actions are brought there has been the death of a parent or spouse who made financial contributions to the family. In Colorado, for example, there are special laws governing who is entitled to bring suit and what kinds of damages can be recovered.

Losing a loved one is painful. Losing a loved one due to wrongful death can be even more difficult. If someone‚Äôs wrongful actions caused injuries that resulted in your loved one’s death, that is a wrongful death. In common law, there was no legal action that surviving family members could take. That changed, however, when governments began to make laws protecting survivors. Now, in every state in the US, the representative or heirs of a person lost to wrongful death may file a lawsuit for monetary damages. The laws, however, vary quite a bit from state to state, so consulting with an attorney is advisable.

The main method courts have for measuring loss in wrongful death lawsuits is pecuniary damages – that is, the court must determine the proper compensation for the financial loss that the death has caused. Though this may seem harsh or cold, money damages are the remedy that civil courts have at their disposal. Thus, when the courts measure loss, the first thing most of them turn to is quantifiable data:

How much money did the deceased earn?
How much money did the deceased save?
How financially dependent were the survivors on the deceased?
The court will also take into consideration:

Funeral expenses
Medical expenses

If a loved one has died as a result of someone else’s negligence in Colorado it is important to contact an experienced wrongful death attorney in Denver to help you. You do not have to face these times and the insurance companies alone

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